Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


The best way to choose the most appropriate treatment program is to contact us for a free and confidential session through this phone number:

+66 926030307

We will discuss what is bothering you and your preferences regarding treatment. Then, we will make recommendations based on our initial assessment of your case.

Yes. We help you plan your life after treatment by connecting you with therapists, doctors and other professionals. We also connect you with support groups and other helpful resources in your community.

We have helped thousands of people before along with their families. We assisted them in their journey to restore their lives and regain their physical and mental health.

Our partners' treatment centers are located in many countries in the GCC region and other countries worldwide. We have programs in KSA, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia

You'll talk with experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable recovery professionals about addiction issues, mental health and treatment status.

The cost of treatment depends on multiple factors: the level of care you need, the type of the program and its length. The best way to determine the cost of treatment is to contact our recovery consultants so that they can assess your needs.

We offer varying periods of stay. Treatment time depends heavily on your individual needs.

Inpatient treatment is comprehensive and intensive, often including a stay of over 28 days so clients can move away from the triggers and stresses and focus on recovery.

Outpatient treatment is less intense and suitable for those who can maintain a period of sobriety. They are also likely to have a strong support system. Our recovery counselors can help you determine the appropriate level of care.

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation:

+66 926030307

No. Our partners treat other mental health disorders. These include initial diagnoses and concurrent substance use disorder. Some of the disorders we treat include anxiety, depression, trauma, and personality disorders, among others.

If you attend one of our inpatient treatment programs, you will live in comfortable lodgings with peers who share the same suffering. 

Contact us to learn about living arrangements and amenities at a particular treatment center:

+66 926030307

Some of the elements that makes our treatment programs exceptional include:

Family Involvement - We provide support to all family members through family therapy and education about ways that loved ones can best support themselves and their loved ones in recovery. 

Ongoing Support - When you receive treatment at one of our partners’ centers, you become part of an extended family of alumni who can support your recovery. We also offer comprehensive aftercare planning to provide you with resources that can help you recover after you leave our treatment center.

Addiction and Mental Health Experts - You will work with experienced and certified clinicians and professionals specially trained in addiction, mental health, and the underlying issues that contribute to these challenges.

Resource Network - Our extensive network of addiction treatment and mental health centers allows us to draw on the expertise and resources of other facilities and physicians.

Evidence-based approach - We rely on the latest research-based traditional and alternative therapies. So you can get adequate care that supports long-term recovery.

Our partners use research-backed medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms, around-the-clock monitoring, and home-like settings. If a treatment facility does not offer an on-site medical detox, we will connect you to another detox facility that can assist you.

Inpatient treatment is comprehensive and intensive, often involving a 28-plus day stay so that clients can get away from triggers and stressors and focus on recovery. 

Outpatient treatment is less intensive and appropriate for those who can maintain a period of sobriety. They also likely have a strong support system in place. Our recovery advisors can help you determine the appropriate level of care. 

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