Trauma & PTSD

Post-traumatic Disorder (PTSD) has a significant impact on life.  If you have a shock, the trauma centers can help you.  PTSD residential programs offer a private, secluded spot where the focus is on mental health treatment.  Here you can get some relief from the outside world to focus on healing and healing.  Reach out to Rehabs Club at +66 926030307 today to learn more.

What is a Trauma?

Traumatic events are shocking, dangerous, or frightening events in some way. It is normal to have a strong emotional reaction to traumatic events.  Sometimes people with a trauma recover within a few days to a few weeks.  However, some people suffer from more complex trauma.  This is called post-trauma disorder or post-trauma disorder. 

Some events that can cause traumatic reactions include: 

  • Physical or sexual abuse 

  • Be a victim of domestic violence 

  • Neglect or emotional or physical abuse 

  • Participation in military combat or presence in a war zone 

  • Living in war or natural disaster 

  • Life-threatening illness or injury 

What is PTSD?

The type of trauma someone is experiencing does not necessarily have a risk of post-trauma disorder.  The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version 5 (DSM-5) defines trauma as an event that fits one of the following categories: 

  • The threat of death (for example, experiencing a significant traffic accident can cause post-traumatic disorder, even if you are not seriously injured) 

  • Serious injuries

  • Actual sexual violence

Common post-traumatic disorder symptoms

The person must have symptoms from the above-mentioned categories to diagnose post-traumatic disorder.  Symptoms should last at least one month and cause great hardship or disruption to your daily life. 

Start your journey to recovery today.

You cannot control the painful events you have encountered, but you can choose how to react.  Your recovery journey may be around the corner.  If you are struggling with trauma, contact Rehabs Club.  We will assist you in your trauma therapy and post-trauma disorder which may be the key to helping you move forward. 

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